What is this comic?

Tilted Sun is a science fiction hacker drama comic set in the far future!

Who makes this comic!

Hi I’m Becky, I make this comic.

How is this comic produced?

Tilted Sun is made in Clip Studio Paint on an iPad Pro and is lettered in Clip Studio Paint on a desktop Hackintosh. Clip Studio Paint is my favorite art production software and when it was released for the iPad, it sped up the production of Tilted Sun quite a bit. If I could bake a cake for the creators of Clip Studio Paint, I would do so. Words cannot express how great this software is, but perhaps it can be done with a cake.

What is the font that is used for this comic?

Tilted Sun is lettered in Sequentialist. The choice to run with this font was executed since it is a classic all-caps, yet unloud comics font.