The Interpreter

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The Interpreter is a device that works in conjunction with the human mind, usually installed at birth or at an early age.

The Interpreter is a supercomputer that reads data from reality and crunches it in useful ways. Reading the weather, understanding facial expressions, or finding a map to the nearest restaurant is easy with an Interpreter since all of the data is already found within. With an Interpreter, a man could stare into the distance at a mountain, and the interpreter would be able to tell him the distance to that mountain, the height of the mountain, and all other information he wishes to know.

Certain aspects of an Interpreter can be permanent or ‘called’. For example, the interpreter will not tell you what time it is unless you actively “ask” it within your mind.

Officials and high-ranking officers can gain access to special interpreters, given their roles and responsibilities.

At first, interpreters were seen as a social badge of high class, and only wealthy people could afford to have them. They were seen as devices that offered unfair advantages, as life was made much easier for those with interpreters. As technology has become more accessible and less expensive, now, almost everyone, even the lowliest child of Titan can afford to run a low-cost, but useful, interpreter.

Interpreters can be hacked or modified to good or bad effect, but this isn’t recommended by any Interpreter manufacturer. Though, most people who modify their interpreter fail miserably and spend their lives in a state of confusion.

Court cases and disputes are much easier to solve with interpreters, as objective reality is recorded within each one. While it was believed that a high availability of interpreters in the population would reduce crime, the crime rates of Titan, Rhea, and the other moons has stayed steady for many years. Those who do engage in crime usually try to alter or hack the interpreter of their victim, something which is remarkably easy to do with the right training.

Those who experience traumatic events can look into Interpretive reset, a process which wipes out memories. If an interpreter is irretrievably hacked, damaged, or malfunctioning, it can be removed. Similar to amputating a limb, this is usually a final recourse.

The Green Lotus alters what an Interpreter experiences. Exactitude, knowing the time, and summoning maps are all useful parts of having an interpreter, however, you don’t get an interpreter installed just to crunch spreadsheets. Many interpreters are made specifically for fun, and can readily excel at producing altered states of reality when coupled with Green Lotus.

Green Lotus

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The Green Lotus is a psychoactive drug. Any person running an Interpreter can eat a petal of Green Lotus and experience what the lotus has to offer.

Many different forms of Green Lotus exist, with different expected outcomes. Green Sky, Green Eagle, and Green Enchantress are all sub-types of Green Lotus which are commonly used for recreational purposes. All types of Green Lotus have this in common: they are incredibly expensive. Only the wealthiest people can afford to get a lotus. While the cost is extremely prohibitive, standard Green Lotus is legal and safe, and very few cases of overuse have ever been reported (most are considered to be fables or urban legends). Very little is known about modified versions of the Green Lotus, such as Red Lotus and White Lotus

Philosophers, business executives, priests, and people of all kinds have done extensive writings on pinnacle, life-changing moments they’ve experienced after taking Green Lotus. Many Green Lotus eaters report feeling closely bonded to others who have taken Green Lotus with them.

Even the cheapest Interpreter can experience and produce transcendent thought when paired with a Green Lotus. For this reason and many others, the military has long experimented with Green Lotuses and has worked to synthesize new forms of it.

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