It's Been a While


Well, it has been a long time since my last post. What has happened in the last year? What have I been up to? Aside from working hard at my software jobs that I don't talk about that often, I've been painting quite a bit, and have dedicated other parcels of time to writing. 

Before launching Tilted Sun on this website I went searching for many tools that would help me create the comic that Tilted Sun deserved to be. I picked out a lettering software, made brushes in Procreate, and I'm lucky to have Marc - who was kind enough to build me a new computer which makes tiny panels as big as the moon. 

I was watching a movie last week and was looking at the trees in the movie and how beautiful they were. Suddenly I felt very jealous of filmmakers - they didn't have to draw these trees or animate them, or make them look consistent from panel to panel! They just had to find the trees and point a camera at them. What a nice world they must have, I thought to myself. 

The truth, though, is that no good art is easy. Film, comics, paintings, they are all very difficult. But, unlike the major motion picture I was watching lately, comics are something that a single person can produce, which is really pretty amazing. Making a comic is like making tons of little paintings, all of which must relate to each other. It's an art of being the same, but different.

This comic comes with no explanations about what kind of comic it is. This is for the reader to decide. I hope that you will like it.